Promotion Counter ( VL-PT-1 )

RM 280.00 (included above)

  • Material Size : 470mm(W) x 820mm(L) x 2.25m (H) .
  • Light in weight compare with other promotion counter - Plastic
  • Easy to setup and dismantle.
  • Suitable for new product launching exhibition .
  • Printed graphic on white sticker would be the suitable to be used on the outlay of it.
  • Can be reuse by simply replacing the graphics .

** Price mentioned are Excluding Printing Charges 

The following sizes are for the Sticker Printing 

                                         (H)    x    (L)________

Top                               : 280mm x 770mm

Front                            : 810mm x 822mm

Side (Left & Right)     : 810mm x 415mm (2pcs)

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